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KakaSaku Week Day 1: Danger and Rescue

It is sort of funny in a way that in the moment when he was at death’s door by the enemy’s hand; he can’t think of think else but how he’s not the epitome of a teacher. Iruka maybe or even Asuma but never him. He has shown but little patience and lots uninspiring leniency towards simple things like being on time. He thought of his team. 

Moreover the two boys - one who wants to solve the whole world’s problem by himself and another who is drowning in his life issues and doing god knows what. He expected things from them but never from her. 

Yet she was the one who improved the most. She was no longer that small girl under his tutelage. She got past those superficial things that she used to waste her time on instead of doing serious training and begun showing why she wanted to become a kunoichi in the first place. Granted, that majority of her improvement doesn’t credit to him.

So when she surprised him by barging into his rescue by herself, pounding her way through the enemies that caught him, and annihilating everything and everyone that comes before her goal - he has never felt more damn prouder in his life. 

When she approached him, she almost broke down and finish what the enemy couldn’t do by herself. She whispers that he’s an idiot and that it is unfortunate that his injuries were so severe that her plans of not healing him as form of her special brand of punishment were spoiled. She accuses him of still treating her as her former twelve years old self and that they were rightful equals, hence the green flak vest, who must share the burden of their missions. 

He almost rebutted that she should stop and that he was just doing his duty. He wanted to lighten the mood by saying that she’s making him blush by her declaration of overprotectiveness. He wanted to ask a lot of things because he never saw her act this way before. Maybe towards other people but never him.

But when he became lost in those seas of green, he understood the lengths she would go through, the dangers that she can bravely face head-on and fights that she’d willingly die for. Not just for her parents and friends. Not just for her master and the village. 

But also for him.

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